Our Commitment to Safeguarding

JDF’s vision is to provide a better life for the underprivileged in our society, in doing this, we must put mechanisms in place to ensure accountability, ensuring that we provide a safe and trusted environment for anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with us. JDF has a safeguarding framework in place, which contains a number of policies and standards of behaviour that JDF staff and its representatives should uphold. We treat any allegations related to safeguarding extremely seriously. We strive to learn and identify areas in which we could improve, and welcome feedback from any stakeholders.

How to report a concern?

JDF recognizes that it is not just written policies and procedures that contribute to ensuring a safe and trusted environment. We commit to respectfully listening and supporting individuals who want to raise a concern or make a complaint. We will also ensure that reported concerns will be thoroughly investigated. To report a concern please contact

The concern may be submitted in the English Language. Alternatively, any fraud, corruption, or financial crime can be reported to

Safeguarding Responsibilities

Who can Report

Why is there a separate process?

JDF distinguishes this process from other complaints mechanisms because of the specific policies we have in place and the standards we have set for ourselves. The reporting person may wish to assist JDF by bringing a matter to our knowledge, rather than by someone directly affected. If, after reviewing of the concern, this is better investigated via a more appropriate channel, JDF will discuss this with the referrer.

When to report.

Due to the nature of our work, held concerns are reported without delay.