JDF Nutrition

JDF has 5 years’ solid experience in nutrition in emergency programming...

focusing on community identification and management of moderate acute malnutrition, Infant and Young Child Feeding Programme, (IYCF) Active Case finding, Community Based Nutrition sensitization, Formation and operationalization of Mother to Mother as well as Father to Father support groups, training and strengthening community-based structures that support nutrition work in camps and host communities, integration of livelihood including agricultural-based interventions for sustaining nutrition work at community levels, effective coordination and collaboration with state actors, UN organization such as UNICEF and WFP field level partners, research and assessment to build and generate evidence that supports nutrition interventions.

In the 5 years, JDF has been able to reach over 106300 malnourished children in the northeast of Nigeria with the use of locally produced therapeutic supplementary food, targeting moderately acute malnourished children. JDF has successfully implemented full-scale Infant and young child feeding (IYCF) programmes at Askira Uba, Konduga, Mashimari, Zamari, Tungushe, Ngomari, Amarua, Musakalari, Mashimari A, and Mashimari B in Borno reaching over 4000 women and men with key IYCF and father to father support group approach.

As a National organization with 100% local staff JDF has over the years built a strong bond/working presence in her communities of implementations, which includes state actors, community members, and community stakeholders. We have in this period train over 125 community nutrition mobilizers who have supported our CMAM programme. It is imperative to state that, pre-COVID-19, JDF had adopted the House to house screening which is an effective approach that supports the timely identification of severely malnourished and moderately malnourished children for treatment.

Jireh Doo Foundation with funding from the NHF is currently implementing a nutrition program in Yobe state, targeting 3000 Moderately malnourished children and 600 Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) with MAM treatment, and 400 caregivers and vulnerable households will also be supported with livestock and improved seedlings to prevent malnutrition in children and PLW. 2000 caregivers will be receiving skilled key IYCF support with the formation of 680 MtM and FtF support groups, 480 cooking demonstrations will also be carried out.

In the past, Jireh Doo Foundation has worked with various donors that have supported our nutrition work.

Aside from the proven capacity to implement successful nutrition intervention, Jireh Doo Foundation has strong systems and processes that stand her out, hence, adhere strictly to her core values of respect for human rights, accountability, transparency, Commitment, and Inclusion.

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