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Iwanger Doo Christian Secondary School Mabaagir, is a new secondary school in Mbaagir community of Tombo Buruku L.G.A Benue state. The desire to educate the rural people with quality education same as what is visible in the urban areas is what gave birth to the school in 2019. After the first set of pupils graduated from Iwanger Christain School Mbaagir, the challenge of where to continue with their academics came knocking since there is no secondary school close to the community, most of the parents could not afford taking their wards to town, in order for them to continue with their education, even the closest school to the community have no quality teachers, and it is just a name to call a secondary school since there is nothing in the environment as a proof of a secondary school. When the need became pressing though there were no resources anywhere to start with the passion to start gave birth to the school that has just ended its first academic session.