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Gender Based Violence (GBV) Sector (NCA)

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Globally, one in three women will experience sexual or physical violence in her lifetime. These risks are even higher in crisis-affected settings, due to the breakdown in family and social support structures, risks associated with accessing basic needs (using the latrine, collecting water or firewood, etc.), the lack of privacy and protection in camps for displaced people, the expansion of armed elements and generalized chaos.

In view of the above Jireh Doo Foundation /Norwegian Church Aid, have been working as partners and implementing GBV and ASRH project in Shehu Masta Camp of Dikwa Local Government of Borno State. The main aim of the project is to achieve the following;

  • Reducing the risk of GBV by implementing GBV prevention and mitigation strategies in an emergency to recovery stages of humanitarian action.
  • Promoting resilience by strengthening national and community-based systems that prevent and mitigate GBV, and by enabling survivors and those at risk of GBV to access specialized care and support.
  • Aiding recovery of communities and societies by supporting local and national capacity to create lasting solutions to the problem of GBV.
  • Help survivors to gain their confidence back and face life headlong.
  • To provide a key strategy for promoting safe sexual behavior among adolescent
  • To provide formal reproductive health, education, and communication among parents and adolescent

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”796″ img_size=”500×300″ alignment=”center”][vc_single_image image=”795″ img_size=”500×300″ alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content” css=”.vc_custom_1613114093763{padding-right: 60px !important;padding-left: 60px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]The issue of insurgency in the North East as a whole has brought serious challenges especially in Borno being the epic center of insurgency and this has led to rising in GBV cases and ASRH cases. JDF in partnership with NCA implement activities like;

  • Establishing safe space for women and girls who are vulnerable to violence. The safe space offers psycho-social support activities and facilitates economic and social empowerment and livelihood including skills acquisition.
  • Facilitate adolescent girls programming
  • Adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) activities such as promoting safe sexual behavior among adolescents, awareness in reproductive health education, awareness in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, and preventive measures of STI.

The primary target of the project is women and girls, while men and boys are the secondary targets.

Shehu Masta Camp, Dikwa Local Government Area, Borno State

Jireh Doo Foundation/Norwegian Church Aid, Gender-Based Violence and Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health partnership activities include the following

  • GBV case management
  • GBV case referral
  • GBV sensitization and awareness-raising
  • Adolescent girls programming
  • Psycho-social support
  • Basic vital sign checkup
  • Referral of diagnoses and treatment
  • Minor treatment of injuries
  • Sensitization and awareness-raising on sexual reproductive health
  • Support to pregnant adolescent girls

JDF/NCA partnership achieved the following

  • Reached 23 women and girls through survivor-centered approach case management
  • Distributed MHM kits to 300 women and 200 girls
  • Distributed delivery kits to 12 adolescent girls
  • Graduated 72 adolescent girls after a 3 months session of adolescent curriculum class
  • Distributed dignity kits to 40 women and 10 girls (survivors and vulnerable)
  • Startup grant was given to 80 women and 20 girls in different skills of baking, pasta making, tailoring, soap, and Vaseline making
  • Formed 315 parents group for a session on adolescent sexual and reproductive discussion
  • Reached 30 boys and 30 girls through peer mentorship
  • Reached 2883 women, men, boys, and girls through sensitization and awareness-raising on GBV and ASRH
  • Reached 1743 through PSS activities like DARA/AYO, FOOTBALL, LUDO GAMES, WHOT, and STORYTELLING
  • Reached 810 women and girls through numeracy and literacy classes in the safe space, this is also the number of registered women and girls attending the women and girls friendly center.

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